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Florida County BP Claims

Centurion Financial Group News Under the current BP Oil settlement, no direct proof of loss attributable to the oil spill is required! Centurion Financial Group would like to assist you file before April 2014.

Even if your business income increased after the spill you may still be eligible to recover compensation, Centurion Financial will help your business recover. The settlement agreement is based on three straightforward categories:

  • Location: Businesses located in any county on Florida’s Gulf Coast or Panhandle are within the eligible claims zone. Each zone has a different payout factor. See List
  • Business Type: Under the new settlement agreement many business types are eligible for recovery. Excluded businesses categories (Banking, Gaming, Financial, Insurance, Oil and Gas, Real Estate Development, Defense Contractor Industries, and entities selling or marketing BP-branded fuel) are barred from recovery. All other business types are eligible before April 2014.
  • Financial Performance: Businesses meeting the location and business type requirements, recovery depends on certain changes in financial performance of the business during and after the spill.

If you, your business, or property you own is located in the Gulf Coast area, you may be entitled for compensation under the new Deepwater Horizon Settlement Agreement. Most businesses within the Florida Counties that touch the Gulf Coast will be eligible to receive compensation. Why us >>>

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